Crayzillas Roadmap 1.0

Colouring in the metaverse, and beyond!

Hey Zillas! We are so excited to set forth on our mission to spark creativity in the metaverse! We are here to innovate the NFT space and pave our own path with Crayons!

New to Crayzillas? We’re the first NFTs that you can colour in! Using Crayon NFTs, you get to customize your own NFT and embrace your inner artist.

While we finish up our mint (mint is LIVE with less than 350 left! Click here!), it’s finally time to reveal our roadmap.

To preface, our key focus is building our CryptoCrayons Ecosystem. This term encapsulates our colouring, Crayons, Colouring Pages, and how these tools act as vehicles for creativity and utility. Just like how crayons and art supplies allow everyday people to be creative in the physical world, we’re doing the same but in the metaverse! Take a read below!


Here is an overview of our roadmap items and utilities, in no particular timeline and order. We will be refining the roadmap and updating you as we complete our mint.

CryptoCrayons Club

All Crayzillas NFT holders are members of the CryptoCrayons Club, our fun and exclusive Discord community!

Holders of a coloured-in Crayzilla NFT will get access to:

  • Giveaways and contests
  • Community voting
  • Non-exclusive license to your Crayzilla (rights to use for personal and commercial purposes)
  • 2500x2500 PNG file of your Crayzilla
  • Additional benefits through roadmap (below onwards)

Crayon Factory (Staking)

Get ready to send your Crayzilla to work! The Crayon Factory is our staking mechanism where, by staking, your Crayzilla will produce Crayon NFTs and other rewards! From common to rare Crayons, to WLs, to exclusive airdrops, the rewards are endless!

The longer they work at the factory, the better they may get at producing crayons, which will give them access to even rarer crayons and other rewards.

The Crayon Factory will be the only way new Crayons will be produced. The Crayzillas team will never drop Crayons individually. Crayzillas at the Crayon Factory will be supplying the entire Crayon market, and all value from Crayons will flow to the holders that stake.


At launch, Crayzillas will be unable to be recoloured. However, after the Crayon Factory drops, we may or may not be enabling this feature. 👀

Crafting and Colour Mixing

In the future, we are looking to develop a crafting component with Crayons, where you can mix and melt Crayons together to create new and rare colours!

Rarity Site

We are not on a rarity ranking website (eg. Rarity Sniper, Rarity Tools) at the moment because their websites weren’t built to handle a project as unique as ours! Compared to the typical NFT collection, where rarity is static and not changing, ours is dynamic and always changing as people colour and burn crayons. Their websites were not built to accommodate this innovation, so we’ll be creating our own ranking site! For now, OpenSea is your best bet to find the rarity of your NFTs.

New and Collab Colouring Pages

We’ll be dropping new and fun colouring pages for you to colour! Even more, we’ll be working with other brands and NFT communities to create colourable versions of their NFTs and allow you to customize them to your own taste.

We are also exploring “Upgrade” Colouring Pages, which will be Colouring Pages specifically designed to enhance your Crayzilla and other NFTs. These Colouring Pages can be stacked on top of existing NFTs in profile pictures to enhance their value.

We’ll be working with and incubating new NFT projects to incorporate them into the CryptoCrayons ecosystem, and give them access to the power of Crayons. We are pushing forward our colouring token standard, ERC721C, which allows for NFT colouring, low gas fees, as well as cross-chain communication across Ethereum and Polygon.

Physical Merch and Toys Customization

We’re going to be bridging the physical and digital! Using Crayons, you’ll be able to customizable aspects of the physical merch and toys that we’ll be offering. We’re all about allowing everything we do to have a creative component to it, and this is something we see as an elevated merch and toys experience for holders!

Metaverse Customization

Crayzillas are entering the metaverse! We’ll be asking the community which worlds they’d like to be involved with and purchase real estate to host parties and events in.

We’ll also be working with partners to integrate crayons and the CryptoCrayon ecosystem into their metaverse world. Imagine colouring your metaverse t-shirt or house with CryptoCrayons!

Real and Virtual Events

We plan to hold meetups in major cities! We’ll get to bond as a community and participate in creative activities together!

We know not everyone can meet physically, so we will continue to hold virtual events! They are a big part of our Discord, and will continue to be. We’ll have events ranging from games, to education, to art.

Collabs with Web 2 brands

We will be working to establish relationships and collaborations with Web 2 brands that align with us. We believe the Crayzillas brand can be used in many aspects, and with our Crayons and Colouring Pages, have the power to integrate existing Web 2 brands into the Web 3 space. Official Crayola Crayon NFTs, perhaps? 👀

Family and Children Engagement

We know that a lot of our community comprises of parents with young children. We will be developing fun activities and features that will involve their children in the community and teach them about creativity, finance, and technology.

There are many children out there who lack art supplies to be creative, or are not in an environment that supports creativity. We will be exploring charitable initiatives to support these children and allow them to have a creative childhood!

Community Engagement

We are exploring community activities and art projects, where everyone’s Crayons can combine together to create something even bigger and more valuable! For example, a mural where each brick is coloured in by a Crayzilla holder’s Crayon. This can also be performed in the digital NFT space.

We will be hosting “Waxy Wednesdays” Twitter Spaces to provide updates to our community and hear ideas and feedback. We will also be bringing on special guests! We always love to connect with our community and the NFT community at large.

There it is! We’re committed to innovating the space with our Crayons, Colouring Pages, and passion for creativity. Please note that all roadmap items are subject to change based on community demands, the market, and opportunities. It’s important we stay adaptable to be able to generate the most value for our community.

Shoutout to our Crayzilla holders! Don’t own a Crayzilla yet? Mint yours now! We have less than 350 left. Click here!

Thanks for reading!

Crayzillas Team



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